About Ron Farmer
Rediscovering The True Self    by Ron Farmer PhD

About Ron Farmer PhD:

Dr Ron FARMER   Ph.D (Psychology)  BA  (Hons.Psych.)

Professionally, Ron has worked as a clinical psychologist in University, mental health and educational settings in Australia since 1969. During his six years as lecturer in University of New South Wales in Sydney, he was instrumental in training the first practitioners in cognitive behaviour therapy and behaviour modification in Australia.

After several years in private practice, Ron joined his wife Suwanti in 1998 as a director of Toogoolawa Schools Limited, a privately-funded independent organisation which established three small secondary schools for boys aged 11 to 14 years whose unacceptable behaviour excludes them from mainstream schools. The therapeutic educational setting utilises mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy approaches to assist the students in overcoming the effects of their traumatic backgrounds.

Ron continues his private practice with adults, children and adolescents having various problem behaviours. He facilitates workshops and coaches educators and health professionals in an eclectic approach integrating age-old spiritual techniques such as mindfulness practice into all areas of cognitive behaviour therapy.

(Ron has also recorded a successful series of 'self- help' CDs -