Eminent Psychologist, Hippie, Traveller, Spiritual Seeker,
                                                       Father, Husband, Educator and 'Survivor' of a Nervous Breakdown…

  Ron Farmer lived all of these roles and more,  along his remarkable journey to rediscovering his true self.

  Now his life is told in a captivating book which is not only an extraordinary and intriguing story of one man’s journey to himself,

                                but an inspirational guide for all of us .. Rediscovering The True Self

Rediscovering The True Self    by Ron Farmer PhD

“This book will be an encouragement to the reader,                                                        
and a trustworthy companion on the journey.”

                                                         CAROLINE JONES, AO author of The Search For Meaning Collection

'Rediscovering The True Self' is currently in the process of self publishing and being made available in hard copy or PDF download.
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