Rediscovering The True Self    by Ron Farmer PhD


Dr Ron Farmer was for a time in the early seventies the most well-known psychologist in Australia. He rose to prominence as the spokesperson heralding the arrival of behaviour therapy and sex therapy, using a language devoid of theoretical jargon. At the peak of his career he suffered a catastrophic nervous breakdown which set him off on a search for an understanding of some of the great mysteries of life.

Leaving behind the cloistered life of a university academic, Ron’s journey took him to Nimbin, Bali, the Himalayas and the ashrams of India, all the time seeking an answer to questions like, “Is there a higher purpose and antidote for irrational fear? If I strip away all of my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, personality and life history, who is it that remains to witness the nothingness? Is there an ‘I’ that is unchanging, deathless, impervious to fear, always happy, and loves everyone the same? As young children, did we have a wisdom which eludes us now?” These and many more are the guiding stars in this man’s sky which beckon him to dive ever-deeper into the vast unknown of the Self.

Rediscovering the True Self is an autobiographical saga which centers around the age-old quest for that inner sanctuary where calmness and stillness abide. ‘Knowing that he knows not’, as the Sufis say, the writer learns to listen and discovers that every person he meets is a Buddha, Jesus or Sathya Sai Baba in disguise, like diamonds hidden in mud; and that everyone and everything is a mirror showing the set patterns in Ron Farmer’s mind.

The book is an exploration of that one mountain of Truth which each one of us can see from a different side, and that most priceless possession we’d all love to have with us: abiding peace beyond all understanding.